If you want your child to be bilingual, you need to start exposing them to a second language as soon as possible. Infants and children who are exposed to two or more languages learn to distinguish between the languages as their language and learning skills develop. Here are a few fun bilingual play activities you can do with your child to help their language development.

Play With Your Child In Their Second Language

If your child is primarily exposed to their second language in a childcare setting, such as LeRoux Froebel Bilingual School, it can be easy to leave that language exposure at day care. However, if you or your spouse also speaks the second language you are trying to expose your child to, you should engage with your children in what is to be their second language, as well.

Get down on the floor with your child and play pretend with them. While you are playing, use your child’s second language. Be sure to identify all the items that you two are playing with, so your child is exposed to their name in their second language. Narrate as you play. If your child is starting to speak, ask them questions and give them time to form a response. The time you spend speaking and playing with your child in their second language will help them develop their second language skills more quickly.

Watch Shows In Your Child’s Second Language

One of the keys to helping your child learn a second language is to make every effort to expose them to that language. A great way to do that is by watching shows in your child’s second language.

Check the options on any movies you rent or stream, and if it has the option to play the video in your child’s second language, click on it. This will expose your child to other individuals speaking their second language. If your child is only exposed to a limited number of individuals who speak their second language, this will give your child a great opportunity to be exposed to different dialects and vocabulary than they normally encounter.

To enhance your child’s experience, watch the show with them. If there is anything they don’t understand, take the time to explain it to them. Talk about the movie or show after you are done watching it with your child.

If you really want your child to learn a second language, make sure you foster their language learning at home as well. Play with your child and watch movies with them in their second language. This additional exposure will help them pick up on the language and will enhance the exposure they get through their child care and educational experiences.