Blow dried hair is at risk of showing damage due to heat exposure. This damage could make hair look dull, dry, brittle, or frizzy, and it can also cause split ends. However, when you use proper blow drying techniques, blow drying should not cause any damage whatsoever.

Of course, even those who aren’t hair dressers need to master blow drying techniques. The following are important blow drying tips that you should be aware of to avoid overexposing your hair to heat:

  • Use the right equipment– Not all blow dryers are created equal. A good blow dryer will have controls that allow you to adjust temperature and intensity. It’s usually best to put a diffuser on the blow dryer that spreads the air over a wider area, and the cold shot button is an important feature for avoiding overheating.
  • Stay back– Getting too close to your head with the blow dryer can cause you to burn your hair. Ideally, you should stay back at least six inches to ensure that your hair is not overexposed to heat.
  • Avoid using higher settings– The highest heat settings on a blow dryers usually produce too much heat for use in normal situations. This is especially true when you have fine hair. Flash drying hair using an excessively high intensity will damage hair and make it dry or brittle.
  • Keep moving– Moving the hair dryer quickly and brushing the hair while blow drying are ways to avoid putting too much heat stress on one particular area.
  • Use the appropriate type of brush– Your choice of brush should depend on your particular hair type. For example, on thin or delicate hair a boar bristle brush is ideal, while thicker hair should be brushed with wooden bristles.
  • Move from the roots to the ends– Proper blow drying involves dividing the hair into sections and methodically drying one section at a time. You can ensure that you’re getting the hair thoroughly dried without causing any damage by working from the roots to the ends on each section of hair.
  • Consider using a heat protectant– A protectant will minimize the chances that blow drying will have any adverse affect on your hair. Heat protectants come in a variety of forms, including sprays, lotions, leave-in conditioners, and more. If you blow dry or use a curling iron regularly, you should apply a protectant.

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